Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Huge Increase in Inequality

I wanted to stray from writing another blog entry about Occupy Wall Street but ran across an article that I found very interesting. My classmate's critique of my last entry also kept coming to mind.
I am beginning to see why protest in unavoidable and wonder how the problem of the income gap can ever be resolved. The article I read was about the Dwindling Power of a College Education. It reminded me how much the workforce and life in general has changed over a short period of time. It seems that part of the reason for the 1% is that jobs that require little or no skill have become scarce and invaluable due to technology. Those whom have jobs that remain valuable, and who have the talent and skill the keep them that way, make all the money. For the average Joe, wages are low, benefits dwindle, and jobs are volatile. Even a bachelor's degree is nothing more than a prerequisite unless you have much more to offer.
Sure, President Obama is trying to make it easier for students to go to and pay for college, but what about job creation? According to the New York Times, about half the class of 2010 still didn't have a job a year later. With no plausible quick solution to this dilemma, it is important to vie for radical legislative changes while doing what we can to cope with the current zeitgeist. 
The vision is to dismantle corporate greed, and thing are happening on Wall Street. We are becoming an inspiration to other countries and practicing democracy the way the forefathers envisioned. Protesters should steady the course and continue to "declare the causes which impel them to the separation."

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